Analysis & Design

  1. Get Requirements
  2. Describe the app
  3. Identify Main Objects
  4. Describe Interactions
  5. Create Class Diagram


Requirements Analysis


  • Functional
    • Features
    • Capabilities
  • Non-Func
    • Help
    • Legal
    • Performance
    • Support
    • Security
    • Functional
    • Usability
    • Reliability
    • Performance
    • Supportability

Expect Requirements to Change!


Expect something documented



Use Cases


User focus


Specify how user interacts with app


Use Case

  • Title What’s the goal? Keep it short
  • Actor Who wants it? Different people types or computers / data
  • Steps How do you achieve it? Single Paragraph, or Numbered List

Max of 1 or 2 days. Anything else is focussing on use cases, not the product!


Remember, requirements will change, stuff will have to be revisited / redone!




Can be user, application, system


ID Actors

  • External Systems / Organisations
  • Roles / Security Groups
  • Job Titles / Departments

Focus should be on the goal that the actor wants to achieve





  • Describes a goal that an actor can accomplish in a single encounter
  • Focus on the actors goal, not what they need to do to achieve that goal
  • Can have multiple scenarios
  • Go for simplicity
  • Use active voice
  • Omit needless words / detail
  • Not pseudo code / too much detail
  • Focus on intention
  • Use Case Prompts
    • Who does Sys admin?
    • Who Managers users & security?
    • What happens if system fails?
    • Is anyone looking at performance metrics / logs?


Use Case Diagrams


Diagram of several use cases, looked at the same time


To get the bigger picture


  • List the goals, the use cases – draw ellipse around each
  • Draw box around all the goals
  • List the actors – use stick figures
  • Draw line from actor to goals
  • Add any non-human systems, on the other side

  • Primary actors on the LHS. These are the actors that initiate
  • Secondary actors on the RHS. These actors take more of a reactive role
  • No order / sequence

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