Abstract data type, used to create objects.


Akin to a blueprint or a cookie cutter.


A class can be considered as a plan of how to make an object. And from one class, you can create multiple objects.


Once a class has been declared, an object can come into being (that is, become instantiated) by declaring a new identifier against the class (data type).


The class declares an object's attributes and methods.



Has three elements:

  • Identity(aka name, or type)
    • A descriptor / label for the object
      • e.g. Motorbike, Computer, Person
  • Data(aka properties, or atributes)
    • Attributes that describe the object
      • e.g.: Make, Model, Height, Age
  • Logic( aka Methods, Operations, or Behaviours)
    • Behaviour that it performs
      • e.g.: Accelerate, Wheelie, Calculate, Talk

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